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Welcome to flyinpoland.com, the website of Bartolini Air!


Bartolini Air provides EASA approved professional flight training with students obtaining consistently high pass rates.

All flight training takes place at the Lodz Lublinek (EPLL) airport in Poland. EPLL is an international airport which has a 2500 meter runway equipped with ILS/VOR and RNAV navigational aids. As a fully controlled international airfield which receives low volumes of commercial air traffic EPLL is ideal for flight training.

Bartolini Air has a fleet of 6 Tecnam P2002JF, 3 Tecnam 2006T, 1 Tecnam P2010 and 2 FNPT2 simulators. All aircraft are equipped with EFIS avionics and maintained at our in house CAMO certified maintenance facility.

ATPL theory courses are organised in co-operation with Bristol Groundschool, Europe's leading EASA ATPL distant  learning specialist. Licensing can be done directly by any EASA authority after testing with one of our EASA approved examiners.

Currently Bartolini Air provides training for the following EASA approved courses:



ATPL Theory training with Bristol Groundschool

Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME/IR)

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Instruction and lectures are in English

If you are interested in training with us, please call Aleksandra Kapela on +31 1617468150 or send an email to akapela@bartolini-air.com .

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