Pilot Aptitude Assessment



If you are considering to embark on a career as an airline pilot it is important to make a honest assessment whether you possess the necessary skills, not just to complete the training but more importantly to obtain employment after the training.


From 2018 Bartolini Air offers future students the opportunity to do a psychometric assessment before enrolling the course. This assessment is done by an aviation psychologist who is certified under the EAAP (European Association of Aviation Psychology). The results of the assessment provide you with an insight of your suitability for this profession.


The assessment consists of the following parts:


-a battery of computer based tests verifying your psychometric, motor and coordination skills.

Pilot aptitude test and software are tools used by many airlines and operators for grading and selection of job applicants.


-personality test,  this test helps to see if the students personality matches the profile necessary to complete the training and work as an airline pilot. Certain traits can be developed over the long term with the help of appropriate tools and effort.


-interview/conversation with an aviation psychologist, the conversation is to find out more about your background and goals. Also you get feedback about your aptitude test scores and possible advice on how to improve deficiencies during the training.


After the assessments you will get a certificate of completing the assessment and recommendations for further improvement.


Appointments can be made on an individual basis. The test in combination with a visit to the school takes a full day. The cost of the assessment is €200. For students that start the 0 – fATPL program the assessment is mandatory before starting the training.


To book the assessment sent mail to or call Aleksandra Kapela on  +48 508194180