EASA 0 – fATPL €45,000
Become an airline pilot! Join our 0 – fATPL course, the most complete aviation training program that rigorously prepares you for a successful career as a professional pilot. This 18 month program is widely recognized throughout the industry with many of our graduates hired by airlines in 2018.
The program contains:
-VFR night rating
-Bristol Groundschool ATPL theory
-173 hours Tecnam P2008 -30 hours Tecnam P2006T
-35 hours FNPT2 simulator training
-ATPL theory exam fees  
-examiner for testing
-landing fees EPLL
-instruction and fuel
The ATPL theory is based on distance learning. Students are allowed to return home during this time and prepare for the exams from there. Payments for the 0 – fATPL are per module and can be spread over the duration of the training.
If you are interested in our 0 – fATPL program, please sent mail to or call Aleksandra Kapela on  +48 508194180